Our Display and Booth

We have spent a lot of time planning our booth layout. Our booth layout isn't just about displaying our products. It's also about the traffic flow and how people flow throughout our booth. We prefer a 10x20 space or larger to be able to display our products effectively. There is a branding theme throughout the space colors repeating themselves from our table lines, to our cabinet to our business cards. We believe this is very important and make it very easy for our customers to locate us at any show. 

Scrumptious Scrubs & Handmade Art Studios can be found frequently found vending together within the same booth space. We have created a space where we have 2 different products, vegan handmade soap and wood carved home decor. This creates an atmosphere were 2 different product types can entertain a larger variety of consumers. Customer that might not normally come into Handmade Art Studios booth is now drawn in by Scrumptious Scrubs. Now we are reaching a larger audience vending together and working together. It's been a huge success for us and we often can be found traveling together up and down the each coast. 

Please Visit Scrumptious Scrubs website. https://sssoaps.net/


609-400-5251 Studio Hours W-Sunday 9:00am - 5pm

Studio is private and only available by appointment only.

Email Us at Info@HandmadeArtStudios.com

Bordentown New Jersey

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